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My band Rowdy and THE BOYS Live at pinkFROG cafe.

Featuring: Francesco Giacomarra, Peter McNally, Steven Lund, James Wygle, Peter Michaels Jr., and Solomon Alber. 


"meet me at the planetarium" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


Written and performed by: Madalyn Baker

Directed, filmed, and edited by: Marc David Wright

Lighting design by Vittoria Orlando

Hair and makeup, styling, and production by Ellie Ryan

Production assistant: Maria Shinas

I Hate the World, by Billy Reece. Performed at 54 Below. 
Be Kind to the Kid in the Trenchcoat by Billy Reece


"After any tragedy, one of the more baffling comments heard from lawmakers is that what we need isn’t more gun control, but more compassion, which I find to be a lazy excuse to not get anything done. That having been said, it makes for a fun song! Here’s Maddy Baker and I doing our best Irving Berlin counterpoint." - Billy Reece

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